Business Development

    Business Development: Licenses, Distributors, Sales Force, Price Reimbursement. Department focused in Market Access and In&Out License

    We understand the capital importance of the right Market Access and Business Development: Licenses, Distributors, Sales Force, Price Reimbursement, CPP… Since the idea of maximize the use of your product, license, reach new markets, pricing… are vital for the success of health and your company. As a result, you may understand that in Baupharma we pay attention to it. Consequently, we have built a department specialized in these fields. Especially taking care of attractive regions like MENA. As others more mature and stablished as EU.

    Why those markets? Firstly, since a couple of years ago it is clear where the market is going. Thus, we can ensure MENA is one of the final destinations. Where, for example, Saudi Arabia appears like one of the gems most of the companies are looking for. Secondly, and after years of experience in EU, we have built a consolidated network of contacts around the continent and acquired a knowledge that can help you reach your goals. Either on market access or business development, we have the experience in-house and partners required for your win.

    In order to give you an overview, these are our main services:

    • In & Out License
    • Distribution
    • Scientific offices with full sales force
    • Price & Reimbursement
    • CPP (Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product)

    Distribution: In & Out License.

    In & Out License is one of the most popular ways to maximize the potencial and results of your portfolio. In fact, we pay special attention to it at Baupharma. With regards to licenses, we are in constant touch with several pharmaceutical companies all over the world that are looking for in-license opportunities in different regions specially MENA. Hence, feel free to send us your portfolio and requirements. We are ready to assist you.

    Above all, we want to highlight the therapeutic areas where we are specially interested in: Neurology, Gynecology (preferably as medical device), Urology, Nephrology, Dermatology, unique patented products, food supplements and unique herbal products.

    Consequently, if you are interested, please, get in contact with us at license@baupharma.com