MHRA Takes Action: Strengthening Anaphylaxis Emergency Guidance Amidst Rising Hospital Admissions

In a proactive response to the increasing number of hospital admissions attributed to anaphylactic reactions, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has reinforced its emergency guidance. According to the Uk government website, the most recent NHS figures show nearly 26,000 admissions in 2022-23 (25,721 admissions), more than double the 12,361 admissions in 2002-03 (a 108% increase).

For food-related anaphylaxis and other adverse reactions, the rise is even higher, going from just under 2,000 admissions twenty years ago (1,971 admissions) to over 5,000 last year (5,013 admissions, a 154% increase).

Individuals who are susceptible to anaphylaxis should consistently have two auto-injectors on hand, regularly verify their expiration dates, and be certain they are familiar with the proper usage of the specific brand prescribed to them.

By equipping oneself with the knowledge of how to effectively handle an emergency situation, whether it involves oneself or another person, the goal is to enhance the likelihood that individuals with allergies can navigate anaphylactic episodes with fewer severe outcomes and consequently lower the frequency of hospital admissions.

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